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Mike Wedge, Certified Franchise Consultant, MW Franchises,, start my own business, buy a franchise

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Mike Wedge is President & CEO of MW Franchises. His extensive background as a Professional Sales Executive for over 20 years, coupled with his experience as a small business owner, provides him a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in business.
As a franchise owner, he has hands-on experience taking a dream to reality through hard work and preservation. He believes that not every business is for every owner and will take the time to learn about his clients to find the perfect fit to meet their goals. As a representative of over 300 franchises and as the exclusive franchise consultant for Open Doors Yoga Studios – the possibilities are truly endless.

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Franchise Industries We Work With

We work with a large variety of franchise categories including the following:


Beauty, Salon & Spa

Building, Decorating & Renovation

Child Education Development

Coffee & Beverages

Computer Technology

Direct Marketing

Emerging Developing Brands

Employment & Personnel

Environmentally Green

Financial Services

Fitness, Health, & Nutrition

Food and Restaurant

Hair Styling

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Maid Service & Janitorial Cleaning


Management & Training


Miscellaneous & Unique

Moving & Storage

Pet Care

Printing, Copying & Shipping

Real Estate

Repair and Restoration

Retail Sales


Senior Care




Featured Opportunities

Blue Moon Real Estate
A Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise provides tremendous opportunity. You are joining a growing, in-demand industry that for years was run by small estate sale companies that provided a lot of variability in service to their clients. Part of their mission is to bring standardization to the industry in the form of reliability, integrity, honesty, promptness, and professionalism - all with a caring touch, as this is often a very stressful time in people's lives. 
Footprints Floors
Footprints Floors is a unique and innovative business model revolutionizing the flooring industry. While their name may sound like a traditional flooring company, they are far from it! Ultimately they are a labor company specializing in the installation of floors, not the sale of flooring products.

At Footprints Floors, their Franchise Owners meet with customers, complete the installation estimate, and then allow the customer to source the actual flooring from anywhere they see fit. Once the estimate is performed and the job is booked, Franchise Owners manage subcontractors who complete the labor and spend their time as the main point of contact for the customer ensuring a smooth and professional experience.
Open Doors franchise offers an excellent opportunity to be part of a popular and recognized practice of yoga and the yoga lifestyle. Yoga for Every Body" is not just a motto at Open Doors™ -- these four words represent the very essence of the Open Doors™ experience, one that has introduced thousands to the practice and lifestyle of yoga.
Southern Steer Butcher
There are some businesses that every community needs – and a neighborhood butcher is one of them. Southern Steer was founded in 2013 with the goal of being that butcher. and the community met them with such enthusiasm that they quickly grew to a second location. By offering the highest quality meats and complimentary gourmet groceries, they continue to win over new fans and their sales have increased dramatically. 
Featured Opportunities



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